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starfish n : echinoderms characterized by five arms extending from a central disk [syn: sea star] [also: starfishes (pl)]

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star + fish



  1. Any of various echinoderms with usually five arms, many of which eat bivalves or corals by everting their stomach.
  2. an anus

Usage notes

A starfish is not a type of fish.


various echinoderms
  • Bosnian: morska zvijezda
  • Chinese: 海星
  • Dutch: zeester
  • Faroese: krossfiskur
  • French: étoile de mer
  • Finnish: meritähti
  • German: Seestern
  • Greek: αστερίας
  • Hungarian: tengeri csillag
  • Icelandic: sæstjarna, krossfiskur
  • Japanese: ヒトデ
  • Korean: 불가사리
  • Polish: rozgwiazda
  • Portuguese: estrela-do-mar
  • Russian: морская звезда
  • Serbian:
    Cyrillic: морска звезда
    Latin: morska zvezda
  • Spanish: estrella de mar
  • Swedish: sjöstjärna
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